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That’ right, we have the first ANAREA hacks ready for you when you download ANAREA on Steam! Users who have played ANAREA Alpha have said the game is similar to H1Z1 and PUBG, so we expect ANAREA to be a huge hit with our cheat users. We’ve also released a new HWID Spoofer that you can use to help keep you safe while playing ANAREA or any other cheats we support.


Our super accurate ANAREA Aimbot will help you kill everyone without ever getting killed. Control ANAREA and become the best player of all time with the help of IWC!

This is how Aimbot is used in ANAREA.

Adjust aimbot button with mouse or keyboard button
VIS commands are green when enemy can be killed
Hold aimbot button and fire
You will kill them before they can react

The Aimbot ANAREA is super accurate and helps you take out the enemy without even getting hit.


ANAREA ESP Wallhack shows ESP around all players at all times. This means that everywhere you go on the map you can see the enemy, even when they are behind objects.

ANAREA Wallhack allows you to see the enemy at all levels; if someone is in the basement or on the roof, you can see them behind any wall.

Red: Red ESP means you can’t hit the enemy with a
bullet Green: Green ESP means you can hit and kill the enemy

We also include a full radar hack that shows you the enemy in a 360 degree view.


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2. Download the file displayed on the site
3. You will need WinRAR to extract the files
4. Right click on the file and press “extract here”
5 Enter the WinRAR password: royal
6.Open the folder and run “Install” as administrator
7. Follow the setup steps by clicking “next” and “ok”
8. Enter your game and press F12

ANAREA Battle Royale Review

Players, time Dive into the excitement and get ready to whip out your PCs to unleash your wrath on your opponents in the ANAREA Battle Royale video game. I’m very happy with the release of the game.ANAREA Battle Royale has huge hype and skeptics surrounding it. Here are all the details about the game currently available. employees) as well as 87 supporters whose funds amount to €10,876 Kickstarters (a project funding platform) gave birth to ANAREA Battle Royale. In a post-apocalyptic world, the initial version of ANAREA Battle Royale will feature 60 players competing against each other. These players appear randomly on the battlefield after an initial waiting period in a lobby.There, an oncoming storm orders all players to converge at some point. Players will have to search for loot, hunt down and kill opponents along the way.

Only survive if you stick to the motto: aim fast and shoot without question. The game continues as long as the last player/team remains on the battlefield. Unlike other BR games, you will find relatively smaller ANAREA Battle Royale cards. And there will be no need to wait for the oncoming storm to begin.

It fits the fast-paced theme of the game to keep players alert while playing.The game features a handful of new game modes and weapons such as practice, customizable characters and weapons, skins, and solo, duo, and squad matches. The developers are working on delivering several new game modes in the future. Additionally, you can purchase exclusive gifts using AXC Coins.

ANAREA Battle Royale’ music is uplifting and builds momentum that absorbs you into its gameplay – preferably while you’re queuing for servers to connect you to a match! We recommend you listen to this preview of Bizo’ Blood Pumping ANAREA Battle Royale menu theme song.

The game is available on Windows via Steam and AXC Games plans to release it in July 2020.However, given the current coronavirus situation, this is a tentative release date. The alpha version of the game should be released in the next 3-4 months. However, you can pre-order the game and unlock exclusive rewards when it becomes available for the game. Visit the AXC Games forum regularly to check for ANAREA Battle Royale updates.