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Grand Theft Auto VI Download

Grand Theft Auto VI Download

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New GTA Game Confirmed The popular action game series returns with Grand Theft Auto VI. Rockstar Games, the brains behind his popular GTA franchise, has confirmed that a new installment is currently in the works. However, the official release date is still unknown. Like its predecessor, GTA 6 follows a life of crime. This time it’s about the playable protagonist named Ricardo and his story as an up-and-coming drug lord. Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that the game may return to Vice City… although it will take place in the modern version.


Same card with different settings?

GTA VI is still in active development and details are still sparse. But rumors abound. The biggest of these is its history and attitude. As previously mentioned, the game appears to feature a playable protagonist named Ricardo. The story is heavily inspired by Netflix’s Narcos series and tells the story of Ricardo as an up-and-coming drug lord. Presumably, the game’s story will be told in chapters, with an emphasis on visual changes as the story progresses. Rockstar Games has yet to reveal where GTA 6 will take players. However, rumors are circulating that it will mostly be set in Miami’s version of GTA, Vice City. These claims state that it is done in the latest version. The same prediction also states that the map will evolve or expand over time, possibly through DLC and live game updates. There is still speculation that it spreads to places. Rumors spread to Vice City and South America. However, some say the game has three locations, including GTA’s Los Santos: San Andreas. However, some leakers claim the map isn’t as big as previous rumors claimed.


Grand Theft Auto VI Download: Other GTA 6 rumors

Beyond the various possible locations, speculation abounds that GTA VI takes a different approach than its predecessor. In an interview, Rockstar co-founder Jamie King said future Rockstar games may not be as “edgy or downright fun” as previous entries. As such, fans believe the tone will change in the next iteration.Furthermore, some speculate that the game will follow Red Dead Redemption, which focuses on realism rather than the arcade-like aspects of GTA V . Additionally, the game aims to raise the bar when it comes to next-gen graphics. Rockstar is said to be looking for VFX artists to help “bring the environments, characters, weapons, vehicles, and more to life.” Additionally, the list explicitly requires candidates to be willing to “develop assets optimized for current and next-generation consoles.” This has also sparked rumors that GTA 6 is more stylized than the photorealistic Red Dead Redemption 2. ‘s speculation also claims that his new GTA game will reward players with cryptocurrency instead of cash. Renowned Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson claimed on Twitter that some GTA VI missions give players in-game Bitcoin payouts. According to claims, Bitcoin will not replace cash as an in-game currency. But it will sit next to it. Additionally, these Bitcoins are rewarded by high-profile characters who want to move large amounts of “untraceable cash and fast.”


Rumored to be the most epic

While we still have concrete details, Grand Theft Auto 6 is already making headlines online. Various predictions and leaks have proven to be excellent tools for getting players, especially hardcore fans, excited for the next game. It looks like an epic game. As Rockstar is known, it is constantly updated to bring new and interesting content to its fans.



  • New Narcos based story

  • Modern day setting

  • Next-gen visuals

  • Additional in-game currency


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