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yes Wallhacks can be used to easily find good loot from afar, find and avoid players, and generally survive longer. The aimbot can be used to automatically aim your weapons at other players, auto aim at targets, and make kills easier, which in turn will help you survive and claim #1 Chicken Meal. Scripts can be used to automatically heal and regenerate stamina at the touch of a button without having to open your inventory or think about what items you have. However, being an online multiplayer survival shooter, there are no god modes, unlimited ammo, unlocking skins or any money cheats as these data are stored on Bluehole Inc. servers.




Using auto-aim software is without a doubt one of the most powerful cheats that can currently be used in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This allows players to bind a button or mouse button to the auto-aim and lock feature, which will automatically target any enemy in sight. When playing alone or in a group, members of the group will not activate this function. The trigger bot can then be configured to fire automatically for you, or you can launch it yourself. While aiming bots are incredibly effective at winning fights and player kills, especially on PUK battlegrounds, since many PvP encounters take place at medium to long range, other players may notice and report auto aiming tools. Therefore, it is recommended to use and download quality software that offers options that will make your aiming more natural from the outside. While the Battleground Aimbot software can help you win easily, it also takes a lot of skill away from the game and makes winning the game less rewarding.






Wallhack is the little brother of Auto Aim in that it uses the same map-scanning technique to find things like other players, items, cars, etc., but instead of using that data to aim at an object, it just highlights your screen and your minimap. This type of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hack is incredibly useful in PUK’s Battlegrounds, even more so than in your traditional battle royale or traditional online shooter: Wallhacks can not only highlight players on your screen, making them easier to find, flank or avoid , but they can do the same with items and even show you what items are in the house around you on a vast territory. – It makes it easier to loot good items, usually you will be the first one to find a rifle, armor, backpacks and first aid kits, which gives you a big advantage. Shipments with AWP and other OP weapons are also highlighted, making it easier to get the best weapons in the game. Also, you don’t actually have to go into a building to see what items are there to loot, as you can now see items through walls, reducing the risk of someone camping in a building and killing you. Also, now you can see campers wherever they are waiting for you and you can ruin their day. Nobody likes campers.




While it is perfectly legal to use hacks and cheats in online multiplayer shooters, this does not mean that it is done without the risk of losing your account. Bluehole, the developers of the game have every right to ban anyone on their service at any time for any reason. “Therefore, you should not give them a reason to exercise this right. <p”>The biggest risk comes from people downloading random free hacks from random online forums and trying them out on their main accounts: this is a bad idea, especially since free cheat apps usually go out of date within a few weeks and are recognized After a similar period of time leading to automatic permanent ban. While there is an option to unlock accounts, you might want to go that route at all now, so make sure if you’re downloading free PUBG hacks or aiming software, the program has Alternatively, you can opt for a paid option that is supported by professionals and is almost never detected as it is supported 24/7.




It’s an online game like all other battle royale games like H1Z1, which means a lot of your character and account data is stored on the game servers somewhere in the basement of the blue holes (developers). – These servers cannot be hacked. Maybe in the future you will be able to host your own modified servers with no checks and balances, making very powerful cheats like invisibility, teleportation, god modes, and crafting easier. For now, cheats for crafting, nocliping, and god mode exploits will be patched fairly quickly, if ever possible. Probably, such duplication will be possible, as it has already been with other similar survival shooters, especially if the game servers are lagging behind. In other words, it’s impossible to get unlimited or extra Battleground Points (BP), skins, pioneer crates, or any other goodies without being a good player in the game (or cheating). Also due to the online nature of the game, hacking PUBG for unlimited health, money, free loot boxes, skins, ammo, item hacks, etc. is currently not possible.



Although current versions of the game do not allow direct crafting of items, and copies of items and ammo are temporary, there are still hacks that make looting easier: The Looting Proximity hack allows you to loot items in a larger area as you walk. into your inventory. This allows you to rob entire houses at the same time. Automine tools and scenarios can automatically upgrade your armor, backpack, weapon attachments, and automine ammo based on what you need. – This auto-looting cheat is incredibly powerful considering that around 30% of deaths in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are caused by that people have been trying for too long to plunder groves in open areas without shelter. A script or macro, on the other hand, can automatically mine for you in less than 1 second and help you survive and fight another day. <p”>Especially useful for gathering supplies for snipers like AWM, M24, KAR98K and SKS, Tier 3 items and Oppressors or Ghillie Suits. Automated robbery software also picks up items quickly during gunfights so you don’t run out of ammo. Especially useful when you need to loot outdoors and don’t want to be exposed to potential enemy fire for too long.



It seems that Bluehole has come up with a very clever and effective strategy for using statistics analysis to ban cheaters in PUBG. According to numerous reports, they use a server-side anti-fraud system similar to FairFight to identify cheaters based on statistics such as headshot ratio, K/D ratio, weapon accuracy, etc., and then turn them into a matchmaking system designed only for hackers. . – So if you find yourself in a situation where you are placed with a lot of people using auto-aim, walls, etc., then most likely you are banned for cheating. This is one of the best strategies for getting rid of toxic scammers who don’t know how to use aimbots and don’t respect other players. We congratulate Bluehole Studios on this obvious achievement and hope that in the future more developers will see the wonderful qualities that stat-based anti-cheats have. There will be false positives, so contact support to have your account suspended.